Team Building

Team building and training between Bergamo and Milan


If you’re looking for a place where your group may live an unforgettable experience, and forever change the team feeling of your participants, you are in the right place.

Antico Benessere can offer to your organisation:

  • Original ideas for your team building, developed by professionals of excellence.
  • Senior trainers only, with at least 10 years of experience in corporate environments.
  • Custom-designed activities for every client, in order to build a tailored project for every group, its values and philosophy.

Discover all our team building activities, designed exclusively for our location!

Music, nature, art, cooking and wellness: you choose what you like, and we take care of creating a unique project made to measure for the characteristics of your company and your team.

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Adventure Team Building
A new way to learning and forever transforming the team feeling of your participants, making nature part of the group’s experience.
Best for: groups with a minimum of 4 participants, in search of an experience that leaves the mark in their relational, problem solving, strategic and cooperative competences.
Formats: Into the wild, Geocaching, Zen Arc, Tree balancing, Sling Hunting, Outdoor e Indoor games, Tribe.

Download here the presentation of Adventure Team Building.

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Musical Team Building
Best for: Groups who want to have a strong team feeling experience, both entertaining and joyful, able to involve everybody and to develop strong cohesion and enthusiasm, at the same time delivering the core concepts of the meeting.

Format: Drum Circle, Corporate song.

Download here the presentation of Musical Team Building.

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Creative Team Building
In these activities, art becomes the way to absorbing the core message of your meeting, or the target competences of the training, transforming information into behaviour, impacting long term memory, thanks to symbolic elaboration of the concepts addressed.
Best for: These formats are ok also for small groups (minium 3 persons) to work creatively on specific key concepts.
Formats: Photo Safari, Photo & Haiku, Collage, Totem, Let’s Doodle, Storytelling, Botanical sketchnoting.

Download here the presentation of Creative Team Building.

Wellness Team Building
To guide your team into the antique meaning of being well, together.
Best for: These formats are ok also for small groups (minium 3 persons) who want to create together a moment of wellness and harmony within the group, with relaxing and regenerating activities.
Formats: Mindfulness at work, Office massage, Yoga of the Trees, Of water and sound.

Download here the presentation of our Wellness Team Building.

Cooking Team Building
Cooking together to develop team spirit. An easy but powerful metaphor that will move in your group all the competences that make a team excel: coordination, communication, cooperation, time management, resources management.
Best for: Small groups (between 4 and 12 people).
Formats: Team Cooking Bergamasco, Cooking with the fields, Healthy Cooking.

Scarica qui la presentazione dei Team Building in Cucina.